Taking up space with Jessica Houghton (DMT)

When: November 3rd, 1:00-3:00pm
Where: The Healing Collective, 2005 Danforth Ave
How much: $40

Workshop description:

For many of us, making ourselves smaller – through physically taking up less space, not speaking up in a group, or valuing the needs of others over our own – is a strategy that we use to help us cope with conflict, power imbalances, stress, and challenging relationship dynamics.

This strategy is often learned when we are young, and is reinforced throughout life by different sociopolitical, economic and relational factors, such as trauma, abuse, gender, sexuality, race, ability, and religion. Although this strategy may be effective for us at times, it can also have a negative impact on our confidence, agency, and sense of self-worth.

This workshop will use embodied creative movement and tools from Dance Movement Therapy to explore the spaces where we make ourselves small, the reasons why we do this, and what it might feel like to take up more space in our social, professional, romantic, and familial relationships.

Advance registration is required as there is a limited number of spaces available. To register please email movingtogetherDMP@gmail.com.

About Jessica:

Jessica Houghton is a Registered Psychotherapist (qualifying), Dance Movement Therapist, educator, and dance artist, and has been working in private practice for two years. She completed her Master of Arts in Dance Movement Psychotherapy in the UK, where she researched the potential benefits of DMT for survivors of sexual trauma, and worked in adult and childhood mental health in both hospital, community and school settings.

“Taking up space has been a personal theme for me over the past few years, and I have learned a lot along the way. Making myself smaller was a way of holding myself back – professionally, socially, and relationally – in order to protect myself from getting hurt. But it also made it feel impossible to take risks, acknowledge my self-worth, and bring myself fully to relationships. I’m still learning and growing through exploring this theme and look forward to sharing this journey with you!”
-Jessica Houghton

For more information about Jessica or Dance Movement Therapy, please visit www.moving-together.ca.

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