Self-Care through Creative Movement

Facilitated by Jessica Houghton (RP qualifying, Dance Movement Psychotherapist), this 10 week Dance Movement Psychotherapy group offers participants a chance to deepen their relationship with their body, needs, and self-care practice.

Through accessing the wealth of information available to us in our bodies, we can start to get in touch with what we need, and offer ourselves the chance to have those needs met. Together we will begin the process of holding ourselves with compassion, practice listening to our body’s cues, and develop our ability to ask for what we need from others.

Jessica’s approach uses dance as a medium for self-discovery, allowing participants to expand their awareness of their patterns of moving and relating and find ways to access their creative impulses towards healing.

When: Thursdays from March 28th-May 30th, 7:00-8:30pm

Where: The Healing Collective, 2005 Danforth Ave.

How much: $300*

To register email For more information visit

*There will be two partially subsidized spaces available for this group. Please get in touch if you would like to participate in this group and would otherwise be unable to afford the cost of enrolment.

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